Know Your Rights

Queers Crash the Beat believe known cruising areas are valued parts of every city and play a role in creating safe access to sexual communities for many people, without impacting the park enjoyment of others.  We hope that a brief understanding of the law and your rights will help keep us all safe and continuing to enjoy ourselves out there.

If you see a uniformed officer, don't panic. Just move along. Police sometimes send uniformed officers to patrol parks, with no intention of arresting or ticketing you.

If you are stopped, be polite. Listen. They may just be giving you a warning. You can ask, “Am I free to go?” If they say yes, go. If they say no, then consider yourself detained.

Do I have to show ID? There is no freestanding obligation to identify yourself to police. You have a right to silence. If you are detained, or if they are trying to give you a ticket, you are obligated to ID yourself. Police can keep you detained until you tell them your name and address. Same goes if you’re stopped in a car or on a bike.

If you Receive a Ticket for a by-law infraction, this is not a criminal offense and typically does not result in an arrest.

If you are in Arrested: Do not speak to the police before you have spoken to a lawyer. Anything you say can be used to incriminate you or others. If you cannot afford a lawyer, you may qualify for legal aid.

Remember: You're the best judge of the context, your own privilege and vulnerability, and how much to assert yourself in any given situation. Be safe out there.

Ticketed as part of Project Marie? Contact us for legal support, contact us: